IES Insurance School Inc.

IES is dedicated to the professional education of insurance agents and adjusters in a manner consistent with the Department of Insurance regulations. We provide a classroom (webinar) environment which remains focused on the content of the chosen course without opinions or bias towards any philosophy or product. Our customer service will be courteous and prompt. If a concern arises regarding course content and/or delivery or in the performance of our staff, we encourage you to contact Marie to voice those concerns. Marie's direct email address is [email protected].
Dan Sharp, the engineer behind IES, formed a company which has established itself as the premiere insurance school in N.C. We have been educating insurance candidates across the state since 1988. In the many years of training thousands of students, he has also developed an instructor-training program unlike any other insurance school. The staff instructors have an obligatory amount of industry knowledge and experience as a minimum requirement. In addition, they are mandated to participate and excel in the training program he designed prior to ever going solo in the classroom. He calls the instructors that graduate from the program, "Varsity Players."
We contribute our success to the quality of the study material and instructional staff. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves by simply being the best at both of these things. We are well known as the insurance education industry leader, not only because of the quality of our study material and staff, but primarily because of the success of our students. Our students usually perform well at the state examination testing centers. We consistently offer classes on a monthly basis across the state to meet the needs of our students. Your success is our goal.