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Welcome to the Payment Center.


We have several options for you to enroll in a Zoom class and/or the correspondence program. Pre-registration is available up to 3:00 pm of the Wednesday prior to the scheduled class. Enrollment applications received after 3:00 pm of the last business day prior to the scheduled class will not be registered.


Online option.

1. Students/managers can enroll online in Zoom classes or the Correspondence program. 

2. Managers can enroll multiple candidates at a time.

3. The program has an "Account" that managers can sign up for whereby their login information will be stored and imported every time they log in.

4. Insurance candidates can enroll themselves with a credit card.


Enrollment option:

1. Online with your computer. No checks nor faxes.


Enroll today and reserve your seat with IES.

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Administrative Office:

P.O. Box 90684
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(919) 859-2104


Office hours:

Monday - Friday 

8:30 am - 4:00 pm


Class hours:

Listed above, start times vary

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