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  • Elizabeth Landry (Friday, November 22 19 05:45 pm EST)

    Sandra Finger is amazing!! She has helped me pass the Health and Long Term classes. She is so great at explaining very difficult subjects. Her stories are so interesting and stick with you during the exam. She is so knowledgeable and has a talent for making it simple to the student, breaking it down. I will say the Med supplement class seemed a little short for the information.Sandra worked so hard to fit it into the time frame and did such a great job. I look forward to keeping her posted with my new endeavor.

  • Luvier Triana (Thursday, September 19 19 10:18 am EDT)

    The classes helpful to pass the state test

  • Paula Mitchell (Wednesday, July 24 19 10:51 am EDT)

    I took P&C for the second time (I let my license expire) and DC Sharpe was my instructor both times. I passed the state exam on the first attempt every time. He is a great teacher and breaks the information down and explains it in a way most can understand. I will be taking the life/health class for a second time this fall and I hope that I have DC this time as well.

  • Leena F. (Tuesday, June 25 19 11:22 am EDT)

    I recently went into the insurance field in October of 2018. I started with the online class to get my license but that took 3 months and honestly got me no where. I then signed up for the IES in-class portion. Mr. D.E. Sharpe was the best instructor for it. He put things together that the online class had me way off to putting together for the state exam. I thought that Mr. Sharpe was patient with the class and answered every question with a great way of us to understand. He knows insurance like no one I have ever met. I had failed the state exam twice, both for casualty and property, and after taking his class, I passed both on the third try. I think if anyone wants to get their insurance license they should go see Mr. Sharpe.

  • Lacey Hicks (Tuesday, May 14 19 07:44 am EDT)

    Thank you Mr. Sharpe!! I passed both of my tests yesterday! I couldn't have done it without your help!

  • Sarah Morgan (Thursday, May 09 19 02:42 pm EDT)

    I was the "quiet one" in our class, freaking out that I was not going to retain everything I was learning. So thankful for D.C. Sharpe, his style of teaching helped me tremendously!! I passed both state tests on the first try for Property & Casualty! Thank you so much!!

  • savannah franzke (Tuesday, March 19 19 10:43 am EDT)

    So fantastic, I passed both P & C state exams the first time. I loved the instructor! Friendly

  • Amy (Sunday, March 10 19 11:52 pm EDT)

    Hi Marie,
    Victors style of teaching was so helpful when it came to understanding concepts. I really liked how he would pick students to role play.

  • Donna Powell (Saturday, March 09 19 09:38 am EST)

    Thanks Mr Sharpe, God Blessed me today and I passed both test!!!!! Yay!!!!

  • Judy (Friday, March 01 19 12:50 am EST)

    Victor, you may not be up there with God but you definitely are up there on the list of some of my favorite teachers!

    Just wanted to let you know that I did not take the exam right away because I came down with the stomach flu last week followed by a huge wedding I had to help conduct. But as soon as I had the chance, I took it. This morning I was a complete wreck because all I was thinking was that I may have waited too long and forgotten too much. Amazingly I passed both casualty and property on my first try. I do owe that to firstly God and then you. ?

    Thank you for making learning about insurance fun. Thank you for the encouragement and constant reminder to have a positive attitude. Thank you for your patience with all our floppy disk questions.

    My husband and I are going to send you another employee in March.....Work your magic! You are my go to guy. Please don't go back to selling insurance. I'd hate to show you whose better in that area. ? jk

    If you are ever in the Hickory or Statesville area please hit me up. I would love to introduce my husband to the man who made me feel smarter than my husband. ?

  • K.H. (Thursday, February 21 19 02:33 pm EST)

    I really enjoyed Mrs Finger's class, she broke everything down to explain in simpler terms and gave several examples. Thanks.

  • Mary R. (Thursday, February 21 19 02:32 pm EST)

    Thank you Mrs. Finger, I thought that your class was great! You were very good at explaining concepts in a simple way to help me understand. Great stories and examples that helped me to relate to the material.

  • T. Locklear (Thursday, February 21 19 02:28 pm EST)

    Mrs. Finger,
    I thought that your class was clear and helpful. I liked that your explanations were easy and understandable. You gave great examples and adequate time to take the classroom quizzes. Thanks for being a great instructor.

  • Nelli (Wednesday, February 20 19 09:52 pm EST)

    Good afternoon Vic.... First of all, thank you for all your tips and advice on how to pass the NC P&C state exam. I took the exam yesterday and passed it on the first try! I used all your stories from class while taking my exam and I truly believe that that’s what helped me pass! Also, the ICAP was a great tool that I highly recommend. Again, thank you and I will pray that one day, hopefully soon, you will own that Tesla that you deserve!!

  • Emanee B (Wednesday, February 20 19 08:29 am EST)

    Vic is the absolute BEST instructor ever. I just wanted to say thank you! His teaching style is one of a kind. He teaches in a way that is memorable which comes in handy during the exam. I had him for Property and Casualty and passed my exam on the first try in less than an hour. I also utilized ICAP which Vic highly recommended and it definitely helped me walk into that exam room confident I would pass. Instructors like Vic are truly one of a kind and I am fortunate I had the opportunity to take his class.

  • Karla Powell (Thursday, February 14 19 01:54 pm EST)

    My instructor was D.C. Sharpe and he did an amazing job of breaking this class down and making it understandable and, at times, even entertaining. I completed his course on Friday, February 8th, and passed both my property and casualty exams on the first attempt yesterday, Wednesday Feb. 13th. The examples he gave really helped me grasp the concepts. He is a great instructor! Thank you so much Mr. Sharpe for preparing me for the state exam!

  • John B (Sunday, February 10 19 08:18 pm EST)

    I wanted to reach out and let you know that I passed both P&C the Tuesday after your class. Your class prepared me better than I could have ever expected. The fact that I could go in and take Property at 9:30 and Casualty at 10:15 and pass both is more of a testament to you and your teaching style than it is to me. I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and have been taught by some of the best professors in the world, but I think you might be the best teacher/instructor that I have ever had. You know how to take a subject that can be very dry at times and make it digestible. So thank you for everything you taught me, but more importantly thank you for caring about the students you teach. It is clear how invested in our success you are by the way you teach and run your class. Your class didn’t just set me up for the State Exam, but it also gave me a great foundation to begin my career.

  • John B. (Sunday, February 10 19 07:26 pm EST)

    I wanted to reach out and let you know that I passed both P&C the Tuesday after your class. Your class prepared me better than I could have ever expected. The fact that I could go in and take Property at 9:30 and Casualty at 10:15 and pass both is more of a testament to you and your teaching style than it is to me. I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and have been taught by some of the best professors in the world, but I think you might be the best teacher/instructor that I have ever had. You know how to take a subject that can be very dry at times and make it digestible. So thank you for you everything you taught me, but more importantly thank you for caring about the students you teach. It is clear how invested in our success you are by the way you teach and run your class. Your class didn’t just set me up for the State Exam, but it also gave me a great foundation to begin my career.

  • BG (Monday, January 28 19 11:46 am EST)

    Mr. Powell
    Thanks for making life insurance half way interesting and for teaching us everything we needed to know in order to pass. I took my test on Saturday and passed on the first try. Even though I made an 80 on the class exam, I still purchased ICAP for types of life insurance for good measure and it was tremendously helpful as the question layout was very similar to what was on the state exam. I recommend people to IES all the time when they ask me about my insurance education and that’s something I will continue to do indefinitely! Thanks again!

  • CHARLIE E BYRD (Friday, January 11 19 02:25 pm EST)

    D. C. SHARPE was my teacher for 5 days preparing me for my P & C exam, which I passed on my first attempt. This was in large part due to Mr Sharpe. Great guy. Great teacher.

  • Connie Danhorn (Thursday, April 05 18 04:43 pm EDT)

    I am so thankful that I took the Casualty and Property Course with Mr. Vic. I was more than prepared and passed my Adjuster test the first time. He is an awesome teacher and the course gave me a solid foundation and understanding that I will carry with me throughout my career.

  • Jacqueline L Kerr (Tuesday, April 03 18 10:55 pm EDT)

    I took the class in February 2018 under Mr. DC Sharpe. He was AWESOME, Very knowledgeable of every aspect of this industry. Very glad I decided to make this career change. Thanks Mr.Sharpe

  • Kenetra Riley (Friday, March 09 18 01:10 pm EST)

    After taking the state property exam 3 times and being disappointed each time I finally passed Property exam. I couldn't leave Raleigh area without thanking Victor before I left . You have a very genuine spirit teaching insurance. Soon as im ready to take life and health I want to be sitting in his class. Thank You Victor!! You are a true blessing to anyone that has or will ever take your class.

  • J. Carroll (Saturday, November 11 17 01:40 pm EST)

    I just completed the state exam for adjusters. I know that had I not had such a well-versed instructor as D.C. Sharpe, there is no way I would’ve passed today’s state exam the first time. His five day class is both educational and presented in such a manner as to make sense to somebody new to the industry. Thank you for the great preparation, and thank you Mr. Sharpe!

  • Arelys Chavez (Saturday, August 26 17 08:06 am EDT)

    I did not mind learning about insurance at 8 in the morning everyday because Vic alleviated the process with his exceptional teaching tactics. I recommend this course to all newcomers to the industry. I walked into the course with minimal knowledge and stepped out the last day confident I would pass my P/C exams. I passed on my first attempt the Saturday following the week of instruction.
    The test was challenging but Vic definitely prepared me for it.

  • G and M (Saturday, August 05 17 12:37 am EDT)

    Mr. Powell
    I just wanted you to know me and my wife both passed the State Exam the very first time we took it this week !! I won't say it was a piece of cake because it wasn't, BUT I feel like that you had us prepared when we got there. I'll have to admit that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed after the first couple days of class and wasn't sure how I was going to do. I was wondering if I had gotten too old to be able to grasp this much information in such a short time. Just like we were told though, after a few days, it started to sink in and we were talking insurance by the end of the week. Neither me nor my wife knew ANYTHING about insurance before we took the class and this whole idea about us opening our own company has just come about within the last 6 weeks. Talk about a crash course !! Failure wasn't an option though so between having an awesome instructor and us putting in the necessary study time, we pulled it off. I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate everything you put into the class and if it wasn't for you, I seriously doubt we'd be getting our license at this point. I even told the ladies at the testing facility that if I could choose any instructor to take that class from, I'd choose you 10 times out of 10. You made the class interesting and that made it a lot easier to learn. If you ever wonder whether you make a difference or not, YOU DO !! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    G & M H

  • LM (Saturday, August 05 17 12:31 am EDT)

    Mr. Powell,

    The weekend is over and I think that I'm still on a high from passing the state exam. My only regret after passing is that in my excitement over passing the exam that I could not deliver a handspring or cartwheel for your entertainment due to degenerative arthritis in my knees. However the zeal and joy was in my heart and I was cartwheeling for you in my spirit. I am so thankful to have passed the state exam on the first attempt, as my level of frustration to retain this information was at a peak! But it's all over least until I decide to see you again in class to obtain my life insurance license. However I expect a new set of stories for that class. :-)

    You are such a blessed man of God; blessed by Him with an ability to teach others with zeal and humor, blessed with a patience for students that some can only dream of having such patience, blessed with an ability to pour pearls of faith into others by encouraging them with words as you see their potential for them. The insurance material that you teach is arduous and dry, but you deliver it with a punch of humor that makes it palatable and much easier to digest. Thank you for your intellect and insight on how to deliver a message that keeps one's interest. I was sincere when I told you that I would sit through your class again just for the sheer entertainment. :-)

  • BV (Saturday, August 05 17 12:28 am EDT)

    Mr. Powell
    Not sure if you remember me I was in your class June 26th – 28th. I mentioned I had just relocated to the area from Florida.

    I have been meaning to send this for weeks now, life just gets so busy! Either way, I PASSED both my Health /Life Insurance exams on my first try. Whoo Hoo! I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for taking the time and putting in the effort to teaching me the material.

    I have sat through countless dreadful college lectures. I can honestly say that your passion , enthusiasm and will to help your students learn is beyond what I have experienced in the past. It is truly refreshing to find people that still genuinely care. Please continue on with the same vigor to educate all your future students. While I understand not all might appreciate it or even pursue this , at times rigorous, career keep in mind that all your effort is not in vain. I wish you and your family all the best!

    Sincerely Thankful,

  • Melinda Marr (Wednesday, April 26 17 10:43 am EDT)

    Mr. Powell was a wonderful teacher. He was easy to follow and if any student wasn't "getting it" he would immediately stop and review until all the class "got it". Very nice man and a great sense of humor. I would recommend taking any course that Mr. Powell teaches.

  • Sue Dix (Wednesday, April 12 17 10:40 am EDT)

    A big shout out to Mr. Sharpe! The class was tough no doubt and I didn't think I'd be able to remember everything needed, but with his tips and teaching style, I passed the P&C State Exam on the 1st try!!!

  • Kim Muse (Monday, January 30 17 10:08 am EST)

    Just wanted to send a big Thank you to Victor Powell -- he helped me pass the Life Insurance class & state exam. That I did not think I would do. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  • Will C. (Tuesday, January 24 17 02:49 pm EST)

    I must say that Mr. Vic Powell is a Godsend! Never received such information in an easy-to-understand format. Thank you and thank you again!

  • F. White (Thursday, January 05 17 09:48 am EST)

    Sandra Finger was an awesome teacher!! Listening to her explain Life Insurance Licensing and give examples was a great help to me. I took the Life Insurance exam and passed on the first attempt. Hooray!!.

  • Demetra Poag (Saturday, October 22 16 01:40 pm EDT)

    Vic was an awesome teacher! His knowledge of the industry was extremely helpful and he kept the content exciting and fun! I passed the life exam today and really enjoyed the class!

  • Z. Powers (Thursday, October 20 16 03:05 pm EDT)

    Mr. Powell,
    I had a great class. He points out everything in a very clear manner.His teaching method was very clear on all topics, very good teacher. I would recommend to anyone!

  • Donna Cochran (Wednesday, October 19 16 01:45 pm EDT)

    Mr. Sharpe was a great teacher. He was very knowledgeable. I loved his since of humor. The class was very tough though. Mr. Sharpe made it easy to pass.

  • Mr. Earley (Monday, October 17 16 11:13 am EDT)

    'Mr. Sharp was a wealth of experience in the field and some of his funny stories made a concept more memorable. The final class exam was much tougher than the state exam and as a result, after it was
    all said and done, I felt very prepared."

  • Demetrius Giger (Saturday, August 13 16 12:21 pm EDT)

    Took the accidental health course August 10-12 with Mrs. Finger. Returned home to take the exam August 13 and passed with flying colors. She was a pleasure to have as a teacher. She brought the
    simplicity out of difficult/confusing topics. Her experience allowed me to learn from her comfortably. She has a drive for teaching that is greatly appreciated.

  • Tosha Autry (Saturday, July 23 16 05:29 pm EDT)

    I took my courses here with Mr. Sharp and Mr. Sharpe. I cannot express the wonderful experience I had. I had been out of college for many years but these instructors will get you through it. The
    educational experience that you will receive here will not be just an educational experience but a life experience as well. I was very prepared for the state exam and look forward to educating myself
    here in the future. Thanks a bunch !!

  • TW (Tuesday, May 17 16 11:39 pm EDT)

    Mr. Sharpe,
    Thanks for everything, you were great, I passed. You were loud, clear, and humorous, and you prepared me well. During the exit exam you said I would pass the exam and I did. Thanks Mr. Sharpe, can I
    quote you insurance?

  • JM (Wednesday, May 04 16 12:17 am EDT)

    Mr. Powell
    Stepping into your class last Monday; I had no idea what to expect. As the week progressed I realized, with zero insurance experience, I was in over my head. The only thing I kept thinking about was
    how you said if I just pull with you and not against you, I WILL pass the state exam. Your willingness to serve as an instructor is exceptionally thought out and planned. The way you present and
    execute the material is down to a science where you understand how individuals process and store information. I am coming to you this evening to let you know I passed my adjusters exam yesterday. As
    much as I wanted to tell you personally, I grabbed one of your business cards on day one knowing that I am going to email you as soon as I passed the exam the first time. Thanks again for everything
    that you did to help me become successful!

  • Tara Fickling (Friday, April 29 16 05:08 pm EDT)

    You're awesome! Sandra was the best teacher for the test!!!!! I had gone to a course and failed 5 times but after going to this course 1 time was needed!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  • Regina Watson (Wednesday, March 16 16 08:09 pm EDT)

    I was first licensed in 2008 and lost my license due to not keep up with CE hours had to take the class all over and I will say it was the best learning experience and wonderful environment. Their
    goal is for you to be successful and I went passed the first time and have my career back I have been back in the industry since 2015 and had took and passed the state test and was hired in no time.
    Very grateful to have had such a impressive instructor. And a owner that gets such great joy of helping you start your career. Thank you I am very blessed.

  • Joe (Wednesday, March 16 16 06:48 pm EDT)

    I love your office staff... Marie especially is always pleasant and fun.

D.C. Sharpe

"Mr. Sharpe was very great and his knowledge of the subject matter was high level."

Dan Sharp

"Over 20 years ago I took an insurance class from I.E.S. and let my license go. To my surprise when I walked in the room there he was, Dan Sharp. He was the same instructor I had the first time. I was very happy to see him because he did such a great job the first time....I passed, again."

Mr. Powell

"Mr. Powell made things easy to understand and he was patient. Thank you for managing appropriately other student's questions and keeping the focus for the rest of the class."

Mr. Powell

"Mr. Powell's style of teaching gave me everything I needed to prepare myself for the exams. He has the perfect combination of knowledge, personality, control, and patience. I would feel very fortunate to end up in another course led by him."  J. Barber

Mrs. Finger

"Mrs. Finger was a joy. She made the class very simple and easy to understand. I like that she was very passionate about teaching."

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