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This is one exciting program! It is helping a lot of people and it can help you too. It is for everyone wanting to get their insurance license. This program was designed with the insurance student in mind, whether it be those in the classroom or those preparing for the state exam. It is the first of its kind, created and formulated exclusively for the N.C. state exam. This program offers a test bank of handpicked, instructor-written questions. The determining factor should be the answer to this question, do I fall into one of these categories?


Are you having trouble passing the insurance class?

Are you having trouble passing the state exam?

Have you taken an insurance class, live or online and passed but you received a low score?

Did you pass an insurance program, but you lack confidence in what you learned?

Did you take one of those online classes that teaches all 50 states but is not N.C. specific?


If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions, then this program is for you. Another question, which is key is, do you know which area/s you are the weakest and need the most help? Then this program is for you.


There are two parts to the exam preparation, the Diagnostic piece and the Sectionals. We looked at the outline in the Candidate Guide and created specific questions per topic to assist you. In this blue and white book, there are "S" pages, which contains an outline for each prelicensing course. NCDOI declares if you learn the material in this outline then you will be ready for the state exam. This is the format the state uses and we did too. The Diagnostic exams assist in determining your areas of weaknesses and the Sectionals assist in strengthening those weaknesses.


Diagnostic exams:

This part of the program allows students to see which areas that they are strong and which areas they need to strengthen. Students get an analytical report at the end of each exam. This analysis will assist you in knowing where to focus your time. After taking the pre-diagnostic exam, we recommend taking the lowest two sections and put forth your strongest efforts of study time. Once you know this information you have three options:

1. Study the manual in those specific areas

2. Utilize the Sectionals exam prep

3. Use both

Once the student has reviewed all the material, the recommendation is to take the Post Diagnostic exam. The analysis that you will receive with these different handpicked questions will help you to see where you are after you have had more study time.


Students who were unsuccessful at the state exam do not need to take the Diagnostic exams. This information is available on the Fail Score report from Pearson Vue; however, the Sectionals will be beneficial to you once they tell you where you performed poorly.



This section has an unlimited number of exams available. Each exam has 20 questions and is timed. This program was specifically designed this way so that students wouldn't become inundated and pressed with a longer and more extensive process. There are programs out there (not N.C. specific) that have 100 or 120 question exams which take two to three hours to complete. Since our program is set up in a test bank of questions, students will have access to plenty of exams with new and fresh questions and can learn more easily.


The premise of this program is to assist students who are already in a structured insurance prelicensing program, i.e. prelicensing class, correspondence program or online prelicensing class. This program is not a prelicensing course but a tool to assist while in a prelicensing class. The program is available in the following lines of authority, Property, Casualty, Life, and Accident & Health. 

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