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  • S. Mobley (Monday, August 31 20 06:41 pm EDT)

    i just wanted to say thank you so much for your time last week spent with me on the phone. Thank you so much for your help with the ICAP. I absolutely love it and it truly does help so much. Thank you!


  • Pang Xiong (Wednesday, August 26 20 01:33 pm EDT)

    The ICAP study quizzes were a life saver for me. I knew I was struggling in certain parts and purchased the material corresponding to my needs. I recommend taking the exams over and over until you score 90 or above and then you keep taking the exams even though you're scoring pretty high. Each time you re-take the exam, a new question pops up and it's a challenge. Study your book and take these ICAP exams over and over and you'll be set. I just passed my Property and Casualty test today, on the first try!

  • George H Pender (Tuesday, December 03 19 01:31 pm EST)

    It is the best tool to prepare for the State examinations. They focus you on how to take multiple choice questions under a timed situation. More importantly, they hit the major, key study points that prepare you for the exam. I have used them for each of he exams and have gone into them with extreme confidence knowing I was prepared to pass the tests. (which I have)

  • Kimberly Shirey (Thursday, October 17 19 01:32 pm EDT)

    This program is awesome. I studied for the Health agent license exam and failed several times by only a point or two. I reached out IES and spoke with Marie who is forver my ANGEL. She was so psitive and assured me by purchasing the section that I was weak in I would surely pass the exam. For a lofw cost of $15.00 for the course section it was geard to NC specifically I PASSED and felt confident. I highly recommend these courses.

  • Beverly C (Thursday, August 15 19 04:13 pm EDT)

    ICAP helped me pass my Property and Casualty on the first attempt. Giving me both instruction and confidence beyond the pre-certification course. Thanks Mr. Powell.

  • Morgan Chavis (Friday, July 19 19 04:49 pm EDT)

    I passed my NC P&C State Exams on the first attempt! Mr. Sharpe is a great instructor, he tells you what you need to study to pass the both Property and Casualty. The ICAP program was also beneficial in helping me pass. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help!!

  • Alexandra Glover (Thursday, June 20 19 08:09 pm EDT)

    P&C class
    Mr. Sharpe is very patient and will answer all questions pertaining to the state exam content. I passed both exams on the first try. Thank you so much for condensing the material and focusing on what is important to pass the exam.
    In addition, I bought several of the ICAP sections and practiced with those.
    Before taking the class at IES, I had started out with a very popular online program, but the material is not specifically designed for NC; and after going through the IES program, I noticed that they even had the percentages for some coverages wrong. So don‘t waste your money on an online program.

  • Alexis Corey (Thursday, June 20 19 05:31 pm EDT)

    I sat for my P&C today, I completed my class almost 2 weeks ago, and passed both tests on the first try. DC Sharpe was an amazing instructor! He taught us what we needed to know while making the class fun.

  • ASHLEE N MORRIS (Sunday, June 09 19 09:14 pm EDT)

    I passed both property and casualty state exams on Saturday (6/9/19) after attending a class taught by Mr. Sharpe. He was awesome and made so very hard material easy to understand and remember. Thank you for all your help!!

  • Ashlee Morris (Sunday, June 09 19 09:12 pm EDT)

    I passed both exams yesterday (Saturday) June 8, 2019 thanks to Mr. Sharpe. He is an amazing instructor and presents the info in a way that you not only understand it, but you remember it. Thanks Mr. Sharpe for making a hard process, as easy as possible.

  • MLH (Wednesday, March 27 19 03:46 pm EDT)

    Thanks to D.C. Sharpe I passed my P/C exam on the first try! I highly recommend taking his class.

  • Jammie Parker (Monday, March 18 19 05:30 pm EDT)

    Hi Everyone! I took the class with D.C Sharpe a fantastic instructor, the did the ICAP program for the next week . Past first exam !! Thank you ?

  • Amy (Sunday, March 10 19 11:50 pm EDT)

    Hi Marie,
    I wanted to reach out to you with my thoughts about ICAP. For me, the diagnostic tests for Property & Casualty and Life & Health was well worth the money. It let me know where I needed to focus my studying, gave me an idea of how the questions will be worded and to get used to being timed. I also could jot down notes on what questions were difficult for me so I could go back and review those terms/concepts.

  • S. Wilson (Tuesday, February 26 19 06:38 am EST)

    I passed both P&C exams the first time last week thanks to Mr. Sharpe keeping our class focused on State Exam content. The ICAP program with the feedback given if you got the answer wrong was very helpful. I took the practice tests several times until I got at least a 90% on each of them. And thanks to Marie in the office as well for being so helpful.

  • F. Brown (Thursday, February 21 19 02:06 pm EST)

    So I passed both exams in an hour fifteen this morning?? I put the time in and it paid off!! I appreciate your support and direction and can’t thank you enough.

    I re-read the study book and did ICAP a billion times until I was at 95% on both.
    So relieved! Again, thank you!!

  • Nelli (Wednesday, February 20 19 08:53 pm EST)

    Good afternoon .... First of all, thank you for all your tips and advice on how to pass the NC P&C state exam. I took the exam yesterday and passed it on the first try! I used all your stories from class while taking my exam and I truly believe that that’s what helped me pass! Also, the ICAP was a great tool that I highly recommend.

  • Orlando Dobbin (Wednesday, February 20 19 06:34 pm EST)

    The ICAP series was a great help. The questions used to prepare me for the state exam mirrored the format and content. I was able to pass the state exam on the 1st attempt.
    Thanks Mr. Sharpe!!

  • John B. (Sunday, February 10 19 08:27 pm EST)

    I wanted to reach out and let you know that I passed both P&C the Tuesday after your class. Your class prepared me better than I could have ever expected. The fact that I could go in and take Property at 9:30 and Casualty at 10:15 and pass both is more of a testament to you and your teaching style than it is to me. This past week, my manager signed me up for the Life and Health class at another school. I didn’t realize how good I had it being in your class until I was in someone else’s. There was no personal touch, no anecdotes, and no humor. We were force-fed the information from an instructor that read the book word for word. With that being said, I do not feel as prepared for these State Exams as I did after your class……. I wanted to let you know that I passed both the Life and Health exams yesterday and that the ICAP materials you RECOMMENDED were crucial and very beneficial to my success. There were more than a few questions that were simulated on the State exams. As you're aware, I wasn't exactly comfortable after my pre-licensing class with that other school, but I felt more than prepared after using the ICAP material to study and help clarify a few uncertainties.

  • Brandi Gilbert (Saturday, February 09 19 12:15 am EST)

    Mr. Powell
    I took my test on Saturday and passed on the first try. Even though I made an 80 on the class exam, I still purchased ICAP for types of life insurance for good measure and it was tremendously helpful as the question layout was very similar to what was on the state exam. I recommend people to IES all the time when they ask me about my insurance education and that’s something I will continue to do indefinitely! Thanks again!

  • VM (Friday, February 01 19 08:19 pm EST)

    I passed my exam, thank you so much. The ICAP really helped me out. I wish this was there when I took the class back in October. The ICAP helped me back in September with my Accidental and Health exam, but you did not have the Life ICAP then. Thanks again love the ICAP practice test.

  • Demetra Poag (Tuesday, January 29 19 10:14 am EST)

    Vic is the best teacher I’ve ever had!!! I successfully passed life class and the state exam and just passed the accident and health class and state exam. I highly recommend you take this class and be open to everything he teaches. His style is something you never forget. Thank you Vic! I also recommend the ICAP, I used several of the exams and this helped me!

  • RA (Monday, January 28 19 01:01 pm EST)

    "It’s a wonderful guide. I also like the feedback it gives when you get a question wrong."

  • TC (Monday, January 28 19 01:00 pm EST)

    I wanted to let you know I sat for the adjusters exam today and passed on the first try. Thank you very much for all the study hints you provided to us in class....If I could give any advice to future classes, it would be everything you said and definitely the ICAP practice tests!! I purchased them and it helped a great deal with reinforcing what you taught us.

  • BG (Monday, January 28 19 12:58 pm EST)

    Mr. Powell!
    Thanks for making life insurance half way interesting and for teaching us everything we needed to know in order to pass. I took my test on Saturday and passed on the first try. Even though I made an 80 on the class exam, I still purchased ICAP for types of life insurance for good measure and it was tremendously helpful as the question layout was very similar to what was on the state exam. I recommend people to IES all the time when they ask me about my insurance education and that’s something I will continue to do indefinitely! Thanks again!

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