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Frequently Asked Questions

 Enrollment Questions



What is a webinar?

 A webinar is a live class that is taught by an instructor on the computer using the platform called Zoom. Students participate and listen to the insurance instructor just like they would in a class. The Property and Casualty class is forty hours and the Life and Health class is forty hours. Students will take a final exam online on the last day of class. Students may use a computer, laptop, Surface Apple devices or Smartphones. It will be the student's responsibility to make certain that their electronic is charged. Attendance all week is mandatory. No refunds for this class.


Q1: How do I enroll in an insurance class?


Insurance candidates and/or their managers can only register for the Zoom class or Correspondence program with a click of a button. It is the pink button located in detail in the Payment Center, on the homepage and on the Webinar page. Students can only register for this program online. Checks are no longer excepted.


Q2: What are the costs for the insurance classes?

Tuiton for the insurance classes is listed below. $5 per course is included for credit card. 2020 class rates.


Tuition  (Zoom Classes)



Pre-Paid Price

Life only



Accident & Health only



Property & Casualty / Personal Lines / Adjusters



Medicare Supplement & Long Term Care




Enrollment Fees (Correspondence, including online)





Accident and Health






Personal Lines




Medicare Supplement & Long Term Care



Q3: What does prepaid mean?

The Correspondence and Zoom programs do not have a pre-paid option.


Q4: How do I pay for an insurance course/class?

Students/managers must pay for a Correspondence or Zoom class insurance course/class either by debit/credit cards only. We accept Mastercard, Visa or Discover. We are no longer accepting checks during the epidemic; however, once we have cleared the epidemic we will return to the classroom and back to normal.


Q5: What is your refund policy?

Correspondence program:

No refunds available.


Zoom program:

Full refunds are honored under the following criteria. Requests for refunds MUST be made before 3:00 pm of the Tuesday before the scheduled class. Requests made

1. AFTER 3:00 pm of the Tuesday before the scheduled class,

2. Over the weekend,

3. By fax, email or packaged service after 3:00,

4. On the first day of class or any time thereafter

will NOT receive a refund. Also, tuition will not be transferable.


Refunds will be credited to the card that originated the tuition payment within 24 hours of the request made by email.


Students/Agents may request to change a student's class date to another date in the future, this can be done at no additional cost as long as the request is made via email and made prior to the Wednesday prior to class. Transfers (nor refunds) are not available after Wednesday. If a transfer is made or a change in date is made, then a refund is forfeited. 


Q6: Can I enroll online?

Yes you can. We offer online enrollment on the homepage (pink button) and on the Payment Center page.


Q7: Does IES take credit cards?

Yes, we accept debit and credit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. 

Q8: What are the N.C. insurance licensing requirements and what are the class registration procedures? What happens if I don't show up for the first day of class?



1. North Carolina law dictates a minimum of 20 hours of education from an approved pre-licensing educational provider prior to an agent candidate being permitted to sit for the life insurance, accident and health insurance, property insurance, casualty insurance, and personal lines licensing examination. A minimum of 10 hours of education is required prior to sitting for the Medicare Supplement / Long Term Care insurance licensing examination.

2. To comply with this regulation, attendance of all class sessions is mandatory. Late arrival to class or early departure from class will prevent Insurance Educational Systems from certifying completing of the educational requirement. In addition, agent candidates must pass a mandated course final exam.

3. The licensing examination is administered by Pearson Vue ( The Certificate of Course Completion/Examination Admission Ticket is contained in the State of North Carolina Insurance Licensing Candidate Guide.

4. Pearson Vue's computerized examinations are offered Tuesday through Saturday in various statewide locations. Appointments for the state examination must be made in advance. For site locations, examination schedules and reservations, call the reservation number at 1-800-274-0668. Our school code for registration is 4061 (classroom) or 4127 (correspondence).

5. To be admitted to the state examination, the candidate must call Pearson Vue and reserve a seat, pay the appropriate fee and bring to the testing center the "certified" Certificate of Course Completion/Examination Admission Ticket and 2 forms of I.D. (one must be a government issued, photo bearing.)



1. Webinars are counted as a classroom session.

2. Seats are guaranteed only upon receipt of the enrollment application and tuition.

3. NCDOI Statute and Regulations require, "Candidates who do not pass the licensing examination within 90 days or 5 attempts at the state licensing exam must be "re-certified" as having completed the educational requirement again."


Tuition for re-certification will be 50% of listed tuition for that program



1. Candidates/students who pre-register and do not show up to class on the first day will not receive a tution refund. No exceptions.

2. Also, the credit for the class is non-transferrable to another student.


Q9: What prelicensing courses do you offer? Do I need a sponsor?

I.E.S. offers the following insurance classes, Life, Accident & Health, Property, Casualty, Personal Lines and Medical Supplement / Long Term Care. Although there are no prelicensing requirements for Adjusters, we offer a class to assist in the preparation for the state exam. 


No. Students do not need a sponsor in order to take a prelicensing class.


Q10:Do you offer weekend or night classes?

No, we do not offer weekend nor night classes.


Q11: Do you offer online classes?

Yes, our online program is a class that was recorded and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This program is listed under the Correspondence programs. This is a non-refundable course once purchased. 


Q12: What happens if I fail my course tests?

Students who are unsuccessful on the prelicensing course exam must email the office to set up an appointment to re-test. We test on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 pm. Please email Marie of your desire to re-test. Students get five attempts (including the classroom attempt) to pass each final.



Q13: Can I miss any time from class?

Time in the classroom is mandated by the state of North Carolina. ATTENDENDANCE OF ALL CLASS SESSIONS ARE MANDATORY. No exceptions.



Q14: When do we receive our classroom materials?

The books for the webinar will be mailed on the Tuesday before class. It will be mailed via two-day express mail USPS. The cost of the material is included in your tuition. The online video prelicensing class books are located in the program via PDF.


Correspondence Program 



The North Carolina State Department of Insurance Regulations require a specific amount of pre-licensing education hours in an insurance program either in the classroom or in a correspondence program. The correspondence program does not require students to come to class at a designated time; however, students are still required to meet specific obligations and educational requirements in order to be a successful insurance candidate.

Course Procedure

1. Registration and tuition must be received in the Raleigh Administrative Office prior to beginning a Correspondence program.

2. In order to begin a Correspondence program the student must participate in a first session with an instructor either by phone or email.

3. Once the correspondence material is completed, the student should call the Administrative Office and schedule the course final exam.  The course final can be taken by attending a testing session (last day) of a classroom program. Student must call and schedule an appointment time to take the final exam. The Raleigh Administrative Office number is (919) 859-2104.

4. The North Carolina Insurance Candidate Guide (required for admission to the state licensing examination) will be provided as part of the course material.

5. Correspondence courses must be completed within 6 months from the date of the payment/ receipt.

6. There is no refund for the Correspondence program once the material has been mailed nor is it transferable.


Q15: How long do I have to complete a Correspondence program?

Students in the Correspondence program have six months from the date of the payment/receipt. or 60 days with the online video prelicensing classes.


Q16: If I want to change from the prelicensing Correspondence program to Webinar classroom program, can I?

No. Students may not switch from one program to the other.


 Q17: How old do I have to be to become licensed?

Students wishing to obtain an insurance license must be at least 18 years of age. The age requirement is a N.C. State Regulation.


Q18: What license is required to sell variable contracts?

In order to offer variable contracts (life or annuities), an individual must be a licensed Life agent AND be a registered securities representative through FINRA (Series #6 or #7) and the Securities Division of the N.C. Secretary of State's office.



Q19: What is the dress attire for class?

There is no dress code for class, wear what is comfortable to you.



Q 20: Can I surrender my Adjuster license and obtain a Property & Casualty Agent's license?

Yes, students can surrender their Adjuster's license to the North Carolina Department of Insurance and apply with the Department for a Property & Casualty agent's license. Candidates cannot hold both the Adjuster and Property & Casualty agent's license simultaneously. However, candidates may hold the Propety & Casualty Adjuster's license and the Life and/or Accident & Health license.


Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.


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